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The  'Give  Back'




Every year Harith Iskander receives dozens, if not hundreds, of requests from individuals or collectively from different NGO’s, College’s, Institutions, Organisations etc. to perform or appear at various forms of Charity and/or Fund Raising Events.


Although he would like to,  Harith is unable to agree to each and every request due to time constraints and other factors.


In order to streamline, screen through and handle all these requests his team has created the “Harith Iskander - Give Back Programme”



The purpose of this programme is provide an avenue for people or groups who would like Harith Iskander to support their event/campaign.


One thing that Harith has noticed about the current generation is the lack of proficiency in the English Language. He firmly believe that in order to compete on an international stage the youth not only need to have a certain level of proficiency but also need to not have a FEAR of the language. If you a group of persons dedicated to spreading that message of the importance of English to the young then Harith is ready to be on your team.


HI Laugh Relief

If you are in support of others who are less fortune then this is the category for you. Fund raising is an important part of what you do and having Harith Iskander be a part of your efforts can certainly be a plus point.


HI and Little Ones

Being a father of two young children himself, Harith has a soft-spot for children. Personally he loves to spend time with kids and will go out of his way to do so. If you are in the world of supporting/helping young children whatever their situation might be then Harith wants to help you.



You must represent a genuine and authentic cause. No ‘profit-making’ endeavors will be entertained.



  • Identify which category you fall into.

  • Please complete the following Request Form. Write a proposal of what your event is all about and how would you want Harith to support/contribute to it. Give as much information and details as possible regarding your cause/goal.

  • Submit form or email your proposal to

We will respond to you as best as we can.


Please note that we will NOT be able to agree to each and every request but we will do our best.


Thanks again and good luck!

© 2012 Copyright Harith Iskander. All images, graphics & videos are the property of Harith Iskander.

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