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What’s Up In 2013?

Hey there people, Happy New Year to everyone. Lot’s of people been asking me – “Hey when’s your next show?” Well, currently I’m lined up for corporate shows so if you work for (or are invited to functions held by) MSU Royal Chancellor Dinner (Jan 07), Putrajaya Perdana (Jan 11), Essentiale (Penang, Jan 17) I will probably be seeing you at those functions. As for the rest of the year well all I can say is I am currently working on new material and I will be debuting a totally BRAND NEW SHOW with One and a Half Hours of NEW material at the PJLA Laugh Fest in May.

Also, don’t tell anyone (which means that as soon as you read this – someone else will know about it) but ‘Lawak Ke Der 2′ which we performed LIVE at the Istana Budaya at the end of last year will be released as a Full Length FEATURE FILM in the cinemas in March! This is the first time EVER that a concert is being released as a local film in Malaysian history. This is pretty cool cause the first time I ever saw stand up comedy and how I got introduced to the art form was watching Eddie Murphy’s ‘Delirious’ on VHS Video – also a concert/film – back in 1984.

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