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The Joke Factory - FREE comedy shows for 2 whole WEEKS!*

To celebrate the opening of The Joke Factory in Publika (by Harith Iskander) - Malaysia's Premier Comedy Venue - we are putting on FREE comedy shows for 2 whole WEEKS! Yes, correct! Hilarity at no cost.

These are the select shows for the 1st week!

All you gotta do to register for the tickets is by doing the following:

  1. 'Like' and 'Follow' The Joke Factory Page.

  2. Share this and tag 10 of your lovely friends/family/anyone you love (maybe not your pets)

  3. Swipe the posters and comment here to indicate which show(s) you wanna come to. * You will be contacted by the admin for details to finalise registration.

Andrew Netto

He made a Malaysian record by being the first to perform on a plane. Now he is gonna be the first to perform at The Joke Factory!

One Mic Stand

Malaysia's longest running Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Night displaying the upcoming talents!

Making Sh#t Up!

An Improv Comedy show where comedians perform scenes, segments and games that are unscripted and/or by audience suggestions.

Dua + Two

It's a persembahan bilingual comedy of Bahasa Malaysia and Inggeris. Featuring comedians yang paling top: Rayza Mukmin dan Prakash Daniel

Dj Demers

A multiple award winning comedian from Canada and has made TV appearances on Conan!

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